mardi 9 avril 2013

The heart of Amish living ?

(c) Family without borders
I thought a lot about what's the real heart of Amish living. Of course there's the family, and the community : you can't do anything without a good circle of friends and relatives. It enhances your humanity, and it helps you to remain that every man or woman is the other's guardian... Of course we have rules, that maintain order and joyfull austerity among us, to preserve us from wordly or/and unnecessary things.

But I think the most important is that our lives are guided through God, and trough time.

In fact, most people we konw are running eveywhere, are shouting to be listened, and are even sick because they don't take the time to talk, to breathe, to smile, to work, to live. Mesuring time and using time as a gift is also a way to thank God for He gave it to us. Every minute we can thank Him, in every situation we can use our hands or our brain to act in godly way.

We see this way as a complete spirtuality, introducing God not only when we have time, but in every hour, because it's offered to God. God is not an accessory, as well as time is not one at all. We choosed to live considering one is even essential to us than the other.

No matter what life you choosed, but please take time. Take the time to pray, to help, to smile !
And in every circumpstance, be joyfull, because you are God's vehicule for love.  

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