mardi 5 août 2014

A common mistake : Amish and Quakers

Some friend (with a little 'f' ) sent us a very nice video made by English Quakers about differences between them and Amish. This little video shows us there's no organic connection between our two ways. But I must say we're sharing some guidelines that are common to both :
- Quakers and Amish are attached to live a plainly life, with sober behaviors, moderated expenses and speeches. Both we are children of the christian plain churches.
- Both we are searching for Truth, on a way made of integrity, fidelity, reliability, modesty.
- Reconciliation and peace are prior matters for us
- We believe both that silence can allow God to speak to us...

But of course we are not from the same background, and don't share the same theology.

Here is the video, from QuakerSpeak.
You will find on their site the total transcript of what Max shares with us.

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